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"I really loved the 8 weeks programme. I can feel that my body itself has grown stronger with stomach gone in and getting more muscular. Starting to like the reflection of the body again since I started ya program. Food wise I feel really healthy and feel it has given me extra energy compared to before. I ate anything or whatever which made me lazy due to excess fat. Even when training I have lot of energy these days and can keep training for long too without getting tired.

Overall I’m so delighted that I came across ya and got ya help for the plan! Will definitely recommend ya to anyone! Very helpful and really easily approachable plus inspiring too! Thanks!"

(Manny is an online client with Team Fit Kaur since February 2018)


"I started with Jas when I felt like I had absolutely lost control of my weight. I had put on 12kg in a year and I just needed help. I can not thank and recommend Jas highly enough! Jas was not only my trainer in the gym, but in a year where so much changed in my personal life, she was a mental and lifestyle coach and friend to me.

I was able to lose the weight, improve my overall health and fitness, and start to love being me again. Jas helped me find the confidence to start running and entering events and also to go back to dancing. Jas taught me healthy eating habits and showed me where I was going wrong with my nutrition, but also was realistic about my lifestyle and allowed me balance between my goals, work and personal life. Jas is an amazing trainer and a strong female role model who was always inspiring and fun to train with. I feel fit and happy and healthy and I owe so much of that to Jas."

(Laura has been with Team Fit Kaur since May 2017)


"Jas has been helping my brother and me with our fitness goals for over a year now. My brother is a first time gymer with behavioural  and fine motor skill issues which Jas has been able to successfully work around. He looks forward to his training and has started swimming 4 times a week to improve his fitness.


It has inspired passion in him to improve his lifestyle and I cannot thank Jas enough for all that she has done for him.  I never thought I would see the day that he goes to the gym but she inspired him and gifted him with a love for something he and I never thought possible!

With me, my goal was fat loss and Jas’ training program and nutrition coaching has enabled me to not only lose the weight but also improve my muscular endurance. I am always ahead of my peers in my badminton and owe alot of that to Jas and her programming skill. I have a lot more energy, I consistently train 4 times a week and am more confident.

I cannot recommend her enough. She is a great PT who nows what she is doing and is PASSIONATE! She will make your goals her own goals and make sure you achieve them!"

(Marcella and her brother Sebastian have been clients of Team Fit Kaur since May 2017)


"Hey Jas, so I randomly came across your Instagram and decided to follow you. I would flick through your Instagram stories and see the amazing feedback and results your clients were producing.


A couple months later I decided to contact you. Unfortunately, I was super scared and unsure how to approach my struggle with diet/fitness routine. I already knew what I was doing wrong and not seeing the results. However, you assured me that I needed to be consistent and you would frequently check up on me once you had fixed me up with a meal plan. The meal plan you set allowed for flexibility and this was exactly what I needed!


I have kept to majority of my meals, just adapted them to suit me and I can actually say it’s working for me! I can honestly say I’m feeling much more fit, toned and losing body fat percentage.

If you are unsure or just need extra guidance I would definitely recommend Jas."

(Remi completed an 8 week nutrition coaching programme with Team Fit Kaur in April 2018)