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"I approached Jas for online training when I saw a post of hers on Instagram. We got chatting and I decided to give it a go. I lost almost 5kg in a month and a half. I learned about healthy food options that would still keep me energetic. Jas helped me with the proper form of various exercises. On top of that, her coaching and motivation was extremely helpful and she was super quick to revert to any queries I had.”


(Shikha Bhardwaj, May 2019)


"I had come across Jas' Instagram account when I was looking into returning back to weight training. I needed guidance on how to get back into training without re-injuring myself. I liked her approach of getting to know me and my goals first and designing a program with me. Once I had started, it took me longer than I had hoped to get to see the changes I wanted because I was sick. So Jas kept emphasising all throughout to not to be too hard on myself and focus on consistency. I loved that she did weekly check-ins and was always available for help.


If I wasn't able to do a certain exercise, she gave me modifications or alternatives. She didn't just focus on my goals of becoming stronger either. She looked at the whole picture and made sure to give me mobility and flexibility stretches to do beforehand and after. I highly recommend her to all women as she is very knowledgeable and personable. She is not like other PTs. She definitely keeps your entire health profile in mind and has a keen eye for changing things up when something is not working."

(Tanveer Mahal, May 2019)


"I feel more confident that I can achieve my goals because I acknowledge that the process takes time but can be done. Eating healthy foods has become a whole part of my life and do not feel like a restriction. I do not feel guilty anymore if I go out with my friends or have a "cheat meal" because I know I will get back on track right away. I feel more confident watching my body evolve to the goal I have for myself. I do not expect that things will change in one day and that is the really great thing that changes my vision and helps me not give up everything when it feels difficult."

(Sophie Ramaswami, July 2019)

Annabelle Prasad

"For my first session of the online coaching I immediately felt so comfortable communicating honestly with Jas despite being so far away. I was able to share my triumphs and my many struggles as I began my fitness journey with her. It's convenient that the program is adaptable to at-home and gym workouts. I'm looking forward to incorporating nutrition into our next session as we continue with the progress I've made with building habits to move regularly" (July 2019)


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