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I grew up as the eldest of three kids to an immigrant family in Sydney, Australia. I was shy and kept to myself, was raised to always work hard, study hard and did just that. I got the top female scores in my final year at high school, I finished my Bachelors degree with a distinction HD average and landed a corporate job in a lucrative industry. I sound great on paper, right? I sound like someone who had their “sh*t together”. But there was always something missing. I didn’t feel happy.

I was in a constant internal battle.

I disliked my line of work and slowly began to dislike my life because of it. Every day, I  was either stressed or tired and felt “suffocated” in my own life. I knew a change needed to happen but I was so scared to let my parents and society down.

The pressure got so much that I couldn’t sleep and slowly started to withdraw from friends and family. It's like I had stopped being “me” and everyone around me started to notice. I finally quit my job.

I found peace in exercise.

I signed up to the gym and had a couple of sessions from the personal trainer. I started to train once a week, twice a week and then slowly increased to five to six times a week. I became addicted! I was shocked that something so simple could make me feel so much better. Amazingly, there was something very therapeutic about lifting heavy sh*t and putting it back down. Training helped me not just develop physical but also mental strength. It gave me more direction and clarity.


I slowly started to discover the real me.


I realised that I wasn't the person that the people around me wanted me to be. I began my personal evolution. At the same time I realised: If I could go from feeling like crap to feeling so good with something so simple, there had to be other people out there in the same boat!


Over the next year, I moulded my career around my love for fitness and became a fully qualified personal trainer. I was insecure about this initially. Was I wasting my education? What would other people think about my life choices? The initial doubts vanished eventually and I learned to focus on my own journey.

I finally broke free from my cage.

Fast forward, three years later the shy and insecure girl that was hiding behind titles and accomplishments and aligning with societal expectations took a 180. I am no longer living a double life between who other people want me to be and who I really am. I stood against society by speaking up about societal oppression and being with the man that I love (read more here). I broke free from "my cage" and spread my wings to fly high and free. I finally am my true authentic self.


As a personal trainer I am grateful that each day, both online and in person, I can help other people break free from their own cage and transform physically and mentally. For me, personal training is my way of performing the Sikh concept of seva, the selfless service. If you would like to join the Fit Kaur family, get in touch now.