What's included in the Healthy Habits Guide?

  • learn my keys to healthy habits

  • understand the fundamentals of nutrition

  • improve your relationship with food

  • learn what to eat and how much of it

  • set your own targets and track your food 
    to develop mindful eating habits

  • start to eat healthy without feeling restricted

  • use my check-in sheet to stay on track

Purchase your Fit and Lean Bundle today to start your journey to a healthier you. I offer a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee to make sure that every member of the Fit and Lean Family is fully satisfied.


Do you want to lose fat? Do you find it hard to stick to restrictive diets? Are you struggling to make your fat loss results last?


Drop fat, build lean muscle and lay the foundation for long-lasting changes and a healthy lifestyle with the Fit and Lean 8 Week Training and Healthy Habits Bundle.

What's included in the Training Guide?

  • home, outdoor and gym workouts
    scalable from beginner to advanced

  • goal-specific 8 week training program
    broken into progressive training phases

  • in-depth video tutorials on 25+ exercises
    integrated into the training program

  • up to five days of workouts for all body parts

  • breakdown of my fat loss training method

  • learn my keys to achieve sustainable results

  • minimal space and equipment required

  • exclusive Facebook support community

The Training Guide will offer you a structured training program while the Guide to Healthy Habits will help with your nutrition and creating a healthy lifestyle.

How both guides will improve your life:


  • achieve your health and fitness goals

  • enjoy more effective training sessions

  • boost your energy levels and mood

  • improve sleep and stress management

  • find extra support and accountability

  • improve your relationship with food 

  • look after your long-term wellbeing

  • honour and empower yourself 

149 AUD
179 AUD

☑️ 14 Day Money Back Guarantee



My name is Jas and I’m a full-time Personal Trainer from Sydney, certified by the Australian Institute of Fitness. I have helped hundreds of clients in Sydney and across the globe with their mindset, training and nutrition.


Fitness has helped me transform my life - not just physically but also mentally. It has given me more direction and clarity. It has empowered me to finally live a life that is fully mine and to be my authentic self.


Today, I use my voice on social media to speak up against female oppression in the South-Asian community and to empower others on their journey to freedom, health and happiness.


I am grateful that each day, both online and in person, I can help other people transform their lives and reach their full potential.


For me, Personal Training is my way of performing the Sikh concept of seva, the selfless service.