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Have you experienced lower back pain, abdominal separation, pelvic floor dysfunction or incontinence after giving birth?


Whether you gave birth recently or years ago, the Fit Core Postpartum Program by Fit Kaur has been designed to strengthen and rebuild your core and pelvic floor based on proven methods and the latest research.


The workouts are centred around breathing techniques and exercises that target your deep core and pelvic floor muscles. This program will bridge the gap between “postpartum” workouts and “regular” workouts.


  • goal-specific 8 week program

  • improve abdominal separation

  • strengthen core & pelvic floor

  • reduce pain & incontinence

  • core & pelvic floor education

  • backed by the latest research

  • at-home friendly, no gym needed

  • bodyweight & banded exercises

  • three weekly 30-minute workouts

  • in-depth exercise video tutorials

  • beginner-friendly exercises

99 USD

☑️ 7-Day Money Back Guarantee


The Fit Core Postpartum Program is broken down into three unique phases to build a strong core foundation.

  • Phase One: These workouts focus on pelvic floor recovery. The exercises are simple and basic targeting the deep core muscles to help your body rehab properly.

  • Phase Two: These workouts are designed to strengthen the pelvic floor, create strong connective tissue in the abdominals, help restore the core and improve incontinence.

  • Phase Three: These workouts are designed to bridge the gap between “postpartum” workouts and “regular” workouts. They still incorporate deep core exercises but also introduce some higher impact exercises.


The Fit Core Postpartum Program has been tried and tested - and the results have been outstanding. You may have heard of Hetal Vasavada, popular baker, cookbook author, business owner and former Masterchef contestant, also known as @milkandcardamom. She is my online client and was one of the first women to complete this program.

Hetal came to me with significant separation of her abdominal muscles which she had struggled with since the birth of her daughter Elara five years ago. Prior to training with me, she had not been able to build tension in her core muscles. She struggled to lift heavy items without pain or discomfort and felt an overall sense of weakness in her core.


By the end of the 8 weeks, Hetal’s diastasis gap was reduced from 5 cm to 1 cm and she was able to build strong tension through the connective tissue in her mid-section which shows a significant improvement in core strength. She experienced a reduction in back pain and reduced discomfort from her c-section scar. Today, Hetal is her fittest and strongest self, lifting weights safely and with great confidence.

Purchase the Fit Core Postpartum Program today to start your journey to a stronger core and better quality of life. I offer a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee to make sure that you are fully satisfied.

99 USD

☑️ 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • I gave birth years ago, can I still do this program?
    Yes! This program is suitable for mothers who have given birth recently or many years ago. It is never too late to start! Postpartum health matters, no matter how long ago you gave birth.
  • Is there an expiry date once I purchase?
    Nope! Once you purchase, it’s yours to keep forever! You will have lifetime access to the program and the extensive exercise library.
  • Do I need a gym membership?
    Nope! All you need to start is a long resistance band. :) You can do this program easily from the comfort of your home.
  • I’m a busy mum, how much time do I need for the sessions?
    I know that mums don’t have a lot of spare time, so I’ve made sure to keep the workouts short, sharp and effective! All you need is thirty minutes, three times per week! :)
  • I'm new to exercise, how will I know I’m doing it correctly?
    You will find detailed video tutorials for every exercise linked in the Fit Core Postpartum Program. All you have to do is click the exercise name and it will take you straight to my YouTube tutorial. This will help you perform the exercises correctly and confidently for best results.
99 USD

☑️ 7 Day Money Back Guarantee


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