Nutrition accounts for 70% of your results, so it is key to pay attention to this area. Eating the right foods at the right times in the right quantities is paramount to success with your health and fitness goals.


Training with poor nutrition and expecting great results is like putting cheap petrol in a premium car - it doesn’t make sense! The equation is simple: a correct training program and correct nutrition brings real results - and to make these results last long term, we work to create healthy habits that become cemented in your lifestyle. 


How do I help you develop healthy habits?


Even though I’m not a qualified nutritionist, I know what works for health goals based on experience with many clients over the years. I also know how to make sure results last.

Here is what you get:


  • learn my keys to healthy habits

  • understand the fundamentals of nutrition

  • learn to set your targets and track your food

  • learn what to eat and how much of it

  • start to eat healthy without feeling restricted

  • use my check-in sheet to stay on track

  • learn to eat right, so you feel right

If you don't pay attention to your nutrition, you are automatically on the back foot with your fitness goals.

Fine tuning your nutrition choices will give you lots of great benefits:


  • hitting your fitness and health goals

  • more effective training sessions

  • enjoying better sleep quality

  • boosting your energy levels

  • better body function 

  • mood improvements

  • saving money


This is why my nutrition coaching should be combined with my Fit and Lean Training Guide to guarantee optimal results through healthy and sustainable habits and goal-specific resistance training.